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backgroundSocialMedia960x400Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ etc…) is a MAJOR part of any Small Business and imperative to marketing your business.

The Posts/Tweets/Pins are developed with the following Four Concepts in Mind:

1. Give your Website Google Juice. Social Media can excel you Google Rankings at a daily rate if done properly.
2. Using Ad Campaigns to increase your follower-ship, therefore improving your chance for NEW CLIENTS.
3. Increasing your Social Media Presence which is business necessary in today’s business world.
4. Informing your clients and followers of upcoming sales / events your company is hosting.


Level 3: (designed for small budget businesses)
$399 Down ($50 monthly payments)
Facebook & Twitter = 3 posts x week
Facebook = 26 Weeks of paid advertising
Pinterest = 2 pins a week
Likes = 500 Facebook & 2500 Twitter

Level 5: (perfect for a growing business)
$449 Down ($75 monthly payments)
Facebook & Twitter = 5 posts x week
Facebook = 38 Weeks of paid advertising
Pinterest = 3 pins Twice a Week
Likes = 500 Facebook & 2500 Twitter

Level 7: (built for an aggressive business plan)
$399 Down ($100 monthly payments)
Facebook & Twitter = 7 x Week
Facebook = 52 Weeks of paid advertising
Pinterest = 4 pins Twice a Week
Likes = 1000 Facebook & 5000 Twitter

Level 99: (two companies at Level 7)
$499 Down ($175 monthly payments)

Purchase Website & Social Media Plans & receive 10% off the entire contract.


All prices based on Annual Contracts.

GST not included

Search Engine Optimization



Who says that you need to spend plenty of dollars in getting your website designed or redesigned?  We can do it for you at $300 only!!!

We are providing design and development services along with offering a guarantee to rank your website top on Google.

Currently we have slashed our rates and are offering attractive low cost website design service including the most important part of promoting your website online.

Just check out the incredible packages below:


Local Marketing Packages:





6 Key Phrases

12 Key Phrases

24 Key Phrases

36 Key Phrases

2 Guaranteed

4 Guaranteed

8 Guaranteed

12 Guaranteed

$250 Per Month

$325 Per month

$450 per Month

$700 per month

Time – 3 Months

Time – 3 month

Time – 3 month

Time – 3 month

Time – 3 Months

Time – 3 month

Time – 3 month

Time – 3 month


What we can guarantee for:

  • High Quality and Result Oriented Work
  • Honesty & Transparency
  • Ethical Internet Marketing Practices
  • Regular and Responsive Communications
  • Respect of Your Time and Schedule
  • More Visibility & Sales Online!

Please Note:

  • This is an exclusive offer only for the local businesses
  • You can compare our prices with any other service provider… Also, we don’t compromise with quality
  • Fast, Honest, Guaranteed  Best Quality Web Services

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